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How does wePresent work

wePresent enables you to make wireless presentations over any existing network in an extremely fast speed and great quality. It's ability to integrate into any network environment, ensures that your presentations are projected at up to 30 frames per second and in full 1080P HD resolution.

Connect to Wi-Fi

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We limit our concurrent projects to ensure your company gets the most care and attention possible.

Who Uses wePresent

How Does wePresent Connect?

wePresent connects to any display by HDMI or VGA and offers full 1080p resolution. wePresent, when connected to a local network allows presentations from network computers and supports passthrough internet connection.

HDMI Output with Embedded Audio

VGA Output with 3.5mm Audio Port

Onboard Ethernet LAN Port

Built-In Wireless Access Point (WAP)

Dual Front USB Ports for

Rear IWB USB Touchscreen Port

The interactive presentation system of wePresent has been designed in order to offer the users with some amazing solutions, which are suitable for any working environment.

Meeting Video

Wireless presentation and sharing solution to impress every client with this wonder product.

Who Uses wePresent

wePresent offer a great solution for Corporate sector, Education sector, Government sector and Medical sector. It allows you to add wireless projection in your facilities. It has a wide range of features making it an ideal technology solution product.



Cross Platform.

You can connect your Windows, Macbooks, iOS, Android to the wePresent wirelessly as BYOD meets the wireless projection at wePresent.

Latest Products.

wePresent WiPG - 1000

This is an entry level presentation device and is also quite reasonable to purchase. readmore..

wePresent WiPG - 1500

This presenter includes various interactive features like the Onscreen Annotation and Interactive Whiteboard. readmore..

wePresent WiPG - 2000

This flagship wireless presentation device includes several advanced functionalities including the video streaming.'s WiPG system readmore..

wePresent Get Lots of Awesome Features

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